September 2011 Meeting

Dear Lay Dominican Members and Inquirers:

Our next meeting will be held on September 11th.  I have attached the reading for the month, which you may also have in the formation packet.

More from the Dominican Liturgy site on the use of the Capuce

Step by step donning of the habit from Australian Dominicans

For those of you new to our group, we meet after the 11:15 Mass at St. Albert’s Dominican Priory, across from Holy Trinity Seminary.  We have our discussion time, our sack lunches, and we pray together as well.   We also have an inquirers class that meets before Mass at 10am in the priory library.  All are welcome to any part of the meetings.

Please feel free to post prayer requests on the website (it seems that we are getting requests from all parts of the globe) and please remember those intentions in your own prayers.

As always, if I can provide any information for new inquirers please let me know!

Yours in Christ,

Annette Butler


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