Previncial Website and 2014 Congress Information

Dear brothers and sisters in Dominic, Catherine, and Martin.
Please visit our Provincial Website ( ) to read the Master of the Order’s letter. “2014 Year  of the Dominican Laity and Preaching.” As part of the Novena which end in the 2016 800th Anniversary of the Founding of the Order of Preachers, the theme of 2014 is The Dominican Laity and Preaching, “Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old me shall dream dreams, your young shall see visions” Joel 3:1.
To celebrate this Year of the Dominican Laity, our Province will be celebrate this occasion with a Congress August 6 – 9 at the Marriott DFW in Irving Texas. The registration fee will be $50 and the room rate at the hotel is $119 plus tax. (If you room with three other people, your portion of the room expenses will 29.75 plus taxes per day). If we are able to raise enough money through our fundraising efforts, the registration fee will be reduced. Please check our Website,, for information about a handmade quilt with the image of Martin de Porres. Mr. Rick Danner, O.P., of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist Group in Pensacola, FL is the quilter. He describes the quilt as:
     a “Folkloric” style Martin de Porres art quilt for a provincial wide quilt raffle to raise
    funds for the 2014 Congress
You may take a chance on winning this quilt on our Website.
The Executive Council thanks you for all you are doing in your Chapters and Groups and for the Province.
Dominican Blessings,
Your Executive Council

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