Your Sins are Forgiven

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
   Someone asked the question, “How can I stop feeling guilty about sins I have already confessed?”
If an old sin returns to your mind, I hope this response will help you.
Blessings this Lenten Season,
Cheryl Denise Pumphrey
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How can I stop feeling guilty, sometimes even after I’ve confessed and repented my sins?

  1. The main way to not feel guilty is to not BE guilty.

  2. However, if we have sinned and we have a properly formed conscience, we will feel guilty almost immediately after sinning, if not during sinning. A good conscience helps us have quick guilt, quick repentance, and then no guilt.

  3. If we still feel guilty after repenting and confessing our sins, we should not “re-confess” the forgiven sins again in the Sacrament. By faith we should refuse to doubt that God the Father has forgiven us. We should thank our Father for forgiving us, even if we don’t feel forgiven.

  4. Our false guilt may indicate we need healing. However, if we are still burdened by guilt after receiving others’ prayers for healing, we should ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to reveal to us the Father’s immeasurable love and mercy towards us. A deep awareness of our Father’s personal love for us will dispel false guilt.  This false guilt is not from above. 

  5. Finally, we must remember God’s nature; God IS Love.  He yearns to forgive us. Recall the lives of the saints.  In Scripture look at the life of King David, St. Peter, Mary Magdalene, etc.  All the people, from all social levels and ethnicities, came to Christ.
    Scripture says, “ And Jesus healed them all.”  Matt 12:15


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