Saturday Meeting

Dear Preachers:
I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday for our Laity meeting. Cheryl will not be able to be with us.
I remind you that we are going to discuss chapters 3 and 4 of Pope Francis’ exhortation:   “the Joy of the Gospel.”  I talked too much at the last session so I will be relying on you all to help me keep my mouth shut!
Here are some things to think about as you prepare:

What is the Pope’s  message for us baptized Christians?
How will we respond to his message as individual Dominicans?
What message has  Pope Francis for our community of Dominican preachers?

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
Also:  Ellen Mahon, one of our newer members, is collecting used shoes for Haiti— “Soles for Souls.”  So, if you have shoes you haven’t been wearing recently, it may be time to share them with people who don’t have shoes.
Enough said!
Fr. Jude

March 2014 Meeting

Please join us for the Dallas Lay Dominican Meeting this Saturday, March 8, 2014, at St. Albert’s Priory.


Bring your Bible, writing utensil(s), and a journal or writing pad

Inquirers and Candidates will meet at 2:00

General Meeting at 3:00

  • Gathering, Fellowship, Food, and Name Tags
  • Opening Prayer
  • Dominican Saint Highlighted this Month – Joseph Stinson
  • Minutes from Last Meeting – Heather Barrett
  • Treasury Report and Current Monthly Collection – Debbie Russell
  • Dominican Study The Joy of the Gospel Facilitated by Father Jude
  • Liturgy of the Hours in the Chapel

April 2013 Meeting – Save the Date!

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
     Thank you for a beautiful March meeting last Saturday!  It was very special to have a visit from the leaders of the St. Martin de Porres Southern Province. All of the visiting friars were so welcoming and inviting, … and they  allowed us so much freedom to use their space!   The priory is truly a home to each one of us.  We are especially grateful to Father Jude who took so much time to spend with us and instruct us in circle preaching.  It was very insightful.
     Mark your calenders for our next meeting, Saturday, April 13, 2013.
Peace in Christ,

March 2013 Meeting

Please join us for the Dallas Lay Dominican Meeting this Saturday, March 9, 2013 at St. Albert’s Priory. All inquirers and candidates will meet with Annette Butler at 2:00p.m. The Dominican General Meeting will begin at 3:00p.m. starting with fellowship and food. The remainder of the meeting will follow the outline below. Also, see the questions for Rediscover Catholicism; they are available as attachments as well. Pray for the novitiates and friars at St. Albert’s Priory as well as the Papal conclave meeting in Rome to elect our new Pope. This is a sacred time.

· Before you come to the meeting, read Sunday’s Gospel –  Luke 15: 1-3, 11-32, The Parable of the Lost Son
· Bring your Bible, a journal or notepad, and writing utensils. Questions for chapters 1-5
· Review the outline below
· Snacks: Davis Toups, cookies…There are two other people. Please bring your snacks.

Peace and Grace

 Meeting Outline
· Inquirers and Candidates – Annette Butler

· Gathering, Fellowship, Food, and Name Tags
· Opening Prayer – Barry Burton
· Dominican Saint Highlighted this Month – Joseph Stinson
· Minutes from Last Meeting – Heather Barrett
· Treasury Report and Current Monthly Collection – Debbie Russell
· Snack sign-up for next Meeting – Margarita Calata
· Dominican Study:
–     Two by Two Reflection – Cheryl Denise Pumphrey
–     Thomas Aquinas and the Four Ways of Scripture – Cheryl Denise Pumphrey
· Small Groups _ Rediscover Catholicism
–     Discuss five questions: Part One: Chapters 1-5. Read pages 1-62
–     Next Month: Part Two Chapters 6-11 pages 63-138
· Preaching and Reflection for March 10, 2013, Sunday’s Gospel
–     Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 – The Parable of the Lost Son (Prior read meditative reading)
· Liturgy of the Hours in the Chapel – David Toups
· Brief Litany of Dominican Saints – Bill Malloy
· Closing Prayer – Bill Malloy

December 2012 Meeting

Dear Lay Dominicans and Inquirers:

We will have our December meeting this Saturday at St. Albert’s Priory (3150 Vince Hagan Drive, Irving, TX 75062.)
The inquirer group will meet at 2pm in the library.  We will have community/snack time at 3pm in the refrectory, followed by our general meeting starting at 3:20 or so.  Barry Burton will be our presenter this month, with a reflection on Advent and the Psalms.  Evening prayer will follow the general meeting.  Newcomers are welcome to join us for any or all parts of the meeting.
Please bring a Bible this month, and if you have it, please bring a Liturgy of the Hours prayer book or app (or we can share.)
The following people have volunteered to help this month:
Heather Barrett
Debbie Russell
Margarita Calata
Lead Opening Prayer for General Meeting:
Mikell Vanderlaan
Lead Evening Prayer:
Patrick and Jennifer Norton
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

November 2012 Meeting

We will be meeting this month on Saturday, Nov. 10th (next Saturday.) at St. Albert the Great priory, (located at 3150 Vince Hagan Drive, Irving, TX, adjacent to the University of Dallas.)  Our schedule will be as follows:
2pm:   Inquirers class meets in the library.
3pm:   Snack/community time in the refrectory
3:20 or so:  General meeting in the library.
4:30 or so:  Evening prayer in the chapel
Newcomers are welcome to join us for all or any part of the monthly meeting!
This month Bill Malloy will lead us in a discussion of “How the Bible Came to Be,” and also we will be looking at the nuances of several common Bible translations.
This month we have Elizabeth Villafranca and Natasha and Jeremy Childress bringing snacks, and Chris Borysewicz leading the opening prayer and Joe Stinson leading Evening prayer.
Please save the following dates:  December’s meeting will be on Sat. Dec. 8th, and the all important election day for the new moderator and executive council will be on Saturday, January 12.  Please make plans to attend.
Hope to see you on Saturday!