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Decemeber 2014 Meeting

Dear Brothers and Sister in Dominic,

Our monthly meeting will remain scheduled as planned for the second Saturday of the month.  So, the next meeting will be December 13th at 3:00 p.m at St. Albert the Great Priory.

Continuing inquirers and candidates will meet at 2:00p.m. prior to the general meeting.

We will begin with our Circle Preaching for the Gospel reading, the Third Sunday of Advent, December 14.  (John 1:6-8, 19-28). We encourage input from everyone so please read, study, pray and prepare ahead of time.  It is a beautiful passage so bring your Bible.

Also, we will discuss the fourth and final 4 of the New Wine book.  Bring your text.

I am joyful to share with you that we have two inquirers, first year candidates, Cheryl Dixon and Jennifer Burgin, who will be making their Rite of Admission into the Dominican Family.  Good news!  The celebration will occur in the context of Sunday Mass, Dec 14,  at the priory.  Mass begins at 11:15.  Reception to follow. Please bring a refreshment, pastry or fruit, to share.

Lastly, if you would like to suggest a book, article, or encyclical that you want the family to study in 2015, please offer your suggestions.

Blessings in Dominic,

Dallas Lay Dominicans


Book discussion for September – December 2014

new wine cover

The New Wine of Dominican Spirituality: a Drink Called Happiness

fr. Paul Murray, OP

 We discussed chapter 1 of this book today at our September meeting.  The chapter is titled “What is Dominican Spirituality?” and the answer, as paraphrased by one of our brethren is “There is no answer!”  I think we all agreed that it’s a good thing there is no simple answer.  Within the structure of the Four Pillars and the Rule and Constitution of the Order, Dominicans are largely free to move wherever and however the Holy Spirit leads us.  As Murray writes:

Because it is a preacher’s vocation, the Dominican vocation is, in its essence, a dynamic vocation.  It is shaped, therefore, not only by its own pre-established laws and constitutions, but by the demands of history and the needs of the hour. … [It] always forms part of a life lived in response to the needs of others and to the demands of the Gospel at any given moment. (p. 43-44)

Murray describes very well the “dynamic” nature of Dominican life, a life of contemplation and action, of eternal things and temporal things, of loving and serving God and humanity. It can be a hectic life–but it is always a joyful life!

For our October 11th meeting, we will be discussing chapter 2: “Dominicans and Happiness.”  Stay tuned!

Purchase The New Wine of Dominican Spirituality here.

Also recommended is Murray’s In the Grip of Light: the Dark and Bright Journey of Christian Contemplation.